Elected Artist Membership

Application for Elected Artist Membership 2018
Criterion: Work submitted must be a consistent body of quality work that demonstrates creativity and authenticity.

Mail Submissions:
Send the completed application, a check for the $35 entry fee along with a CD of 10 digital images to:
ALRI Selection Committee
One Avenue of the Arts
Providence, RI 02903

Digital Submissions:
Email artleagueri@gmail.com for instructions to upload images to ALRI’s Google Drive. Attach your completed application to that email. You can pay the $35 entry fee by credit card through PayPal.

Applicants will receive notification of the committee’s decision approximately one month after the submission deadline. ALRI will not process incomplete applications.

Additional promotional, professional, and biographical information must be made available upon acceptance into ALRI. Once accepted, a one time initiation fee of $75 is due, along with an additional $75 for your first year of membership. Following your first year of membership, your yearly membership dues are expected to be paid annually, in March.

Send any questions regarding the application process to artleagueri@gmail.com or call
(401) 861-0500.