© 2018 Deb Ehrens, Milkweed

Above – Detail of Deb Ehrens’ work Milkweed 2.

Deb Ehrens : 2018 Elected Member

© 2018 Deb EhrensDeb Ehrens uses her camera to create contemplative and painterly imagery. She learned the basics of black and white photography as an adjunct to her early career as a journalist and, more recently, has studied with Harold Ross, Dan Burkholder, Alison Shaw, Ron Wilson. She has also taken classes at RISD and Maine Media College. An on-going mentorship with painter Deborah Quinn-Munson has been instrumental in developing her artistic eye.

Deb lives in Dartmouth, MA and is a Juried Artist Member of the Cape Cod Art Center, an Exhibiting Member of the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, and an Elected Member of the ALRI.

© 2018 Deb Ehrens

Eucalyptus Dancing


Peony Afterglow

© 2018 Deb Ehrens

Milkweed 2

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