2018 Elected Artists

2018 New ALRI Elected Artists

2018 New Elected Artists

Thank you to all who submitted their applications for ALRI Elected Artist Membership.

We would like to welcome our new 2018 Elected Artists! Please click on a name below to learn about these artists and their work.

Linda Behar
Cate Chason
Ruth Clegg
Cynthia DiDonato
Deb Ehrens
Natalie Featherston
Ed Ferszt
Keith Prue
Julia Samuels
Mi Ok Song Bruining
Al Weems

Juror Statements

When appreciating others art, I look for consistency of vision, respect for the “craft” of the medium and a sense of the soul of each artist.
Elizabeth A. Goddard, ALRI Elected Artist

I look for a unique voice. A strong portfolio. Exploring creative space. I want to be inspired.
Audrey Monahan, ALRI Elected Artist

I look for something in the pieces that interests me, that grabs me, that surprises me; in the subject matter, the design quality, the color, or the technique. Then I look for professional presentation, which I really only notice when it isn’t there. I then want to feel that the pieces comprise a body of work, not individual images.
Mimo Gordon Riley, ALRI Elected Artist

A consistent body of work that communicates a clear vision and voice of the artist, as well as technical proficiency.
Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, ALRI Founder & Elected Artist

I’m inspired by artists who demonstrate a mastery of their medium, reveal a visual intelligence, present a distinct and pervasive voice, and have something to say.
Norah Diedrich, Executive Director of the Newport Art Museum

Send any questions regarding the application process to artleagueri@gmail.com or call
(401) 861-0500.