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Above – Detail of Ruth A B Clegg’s work.

Ruth A B Clegg: 2018 Elected Member

Ruth A B Clegg

Ruth A B Clegg

Early creative explorations led the way to my making imagery on paper. Using a camera as my thinking tool and the photo prints as my guide, I drew, painted, made etchings, linocuts, silk screens and lithographs. Light helped me see my environment and supported the connection of my thoughts to paper.

As an active professional photographer, my continued work with light, film, electronic imagery and video fuel my quest to experience and define my own vision of creativity. Spending time in the print studio, painting or drawing all tickle my soul and open my mind to “what can be”.

Time alone is sacred but time shared with other “creatives” is joyful. I am enthused to be part of this extraordinary arts group and look forward to participating.

© Ruth A B Clegg



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