2018 Annual Meeting

ALRI 2018 Annual Meeting, Providence Art Club

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Providence Art Club,
11 Thomas St., Providence, RI

4:30 pm – Registration & Reception, Cocktails and refreshments
5:15 pm – Business Meeting
6:15 pm – Guest Speakers, Michael Townsend & Leah Smith, from The Tape Art Crew

The Tape Art Crew, inventors of the public art movement Tape Art, is a group of artists that use tape as a primary medium for creating large-scale drawings and installations. They have created over 500 murals (approx. 40’ x 40’ or larger) and thousands of smaller drawings on walls around the globe. All of their artwork is intentionally temporary. Regardless of how much time it takes to create, every mural is removed within 24 hours of its completion.

Free for ALRI Members. • Non-members $20.
Seating is limited.  •  RSVP required by June 9 –

Artwork courtesy of The Tape Art Crew. Visit
Featured: 2015 The Grand Rapids Tape Drawing, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thank you to:
Van Liew Trust Company 2018 Event Sponsor

In Memoriam: Bunny Fain

ALRI Annual Meeting
June 21, 2017
Jen Ferry, ALRI President, bestows upon Bunny Fain the award of distinction of Honorary Member

“An honorary title is given to an individual who has contributed to the field of visual arts either through outstanding artistic creativity or through exceptional leadership. Their achievements have national or international influence, have advanced the mission and vision of ALRI, and promoted the integrity of visual arts professional practices. It is a privilege for me to bestow upon Bunny Fain the award of distinction of Honorary Member.

Bunny is a lifelong advocate for arts organizations across the state. He has had extensive experience and knowledge from serving on a variety of non-profit organizations including positions as Chairs of the Rhode Island School of Design, The Miriam Hospital, Lifespan, and The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. He is a member of the Goddard Partridge Studio in Pawtucket and has exhibited throughout Rhode Island including at The Newport Art Museum, Bristol Community College and Rhode Island Hospital. He has been a member of the Providence Art Club since 1967 and an Artist Member since 2006. In 2013 he was awarded the Iona Dobbins Award for his support of the Art Connection, an organization that connects artists and art donors with community service organizations through the placement of original art. Most recently, the gallery at Temple Habonim in Barrington was named in his honor and is now the Bunny Fain Gallery.

As an Elected Artist and member of our board of directors, Bunny has offered a wealth of wisdom in the administration and finances of this organization. His commitment is unwavering and he is still actively involved in offering his guidance and mentoring with our strategic plan.”

2018 CSF Symposium Exhibit

Atrium Gallery, Rhode Island State Council on the Arts
1 Capitol Hill, Providence, RI • Directions and parking

Exhibition: June 11 – July 13, 2018
Application deadline extended: Now Friday, May 11, 2018  Monday, April 30, 2018
Notification of acceptance: by Sunday, May 20, 2018
Delivery of work: Saturday, June 9, 2018 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
Pickup of work at conclusion: Saturday, July 14, 2018 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
Opening Reception: Friday, June 15, 2018, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Award: Up to two artists will be selected and awarded an exhibit in 2019

Eligibility: Artists whose work fits within the criteria may apply. Must be 18 years or older.

Please note:  If you have questions or need some clarity about this call for art please email ALRI at with your questions and the best way to reach you and we will get in touch.

** Please see below for some work presented in last year’s show. **

Goal: The goal of this exhibit is to represent the visual interpretation between art, science and medicine as it relates to neurometabolic disorders, specifically connective tissue and cerebrospinal (CSF) disorders. CSF Disorders are conditions that create a change in CSF pressure, which often lead to numerous neurological and physiological symptoms. The original concept and vision was created by a Rhode Island neurosurgeon, Dr. Petra Klinge. Her vision for the exhibition is to capture through artistic renderings the “essence” of a clinical disorder, specifically those associated with cerebrospinal fluid and connective tissue disorders. Dr. Klinge reflects upon these artworks as part of her annual medical symposium held at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University and utilizes them to assist physicians and scientists to both gain a better understanding of the patient experience and create empathy for the patient’s condition. To research and learn more about these disorders, you may want to visit the Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation and the CSF Foundation websites. For information on connective tissue disorders, visit the Ehlers-Danlos Society.


Petra M. Klinge, M.D
Professor of Neurosurgery, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University; Director, Center for CSF Disorders of the Brain and Spine, Rhode Island Hospital

Nancy Gaucher-Thomas
Painter, Arts Administrator, Founder/Past President Art League Rhode Island

Gretchen Dow Simpson
Painter, New Yorker Magazine cover artist (58 covers); Honorary Doctorate Degree, Bryant College, Smithfield, RI

Mim Brooks Fawcett
Executive Director and Chief Curator, Attleboro Arts Museum

Application Guidelines:
Artists may submit up to two entries. Applications must be received no later than Friday, May 11, 2018.

Artists may elect to apply by mailing the attached forms, digital or hard copy materials and fee to: Art League Rhode Island, One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI 02903. Or fill in the forms electronically and send by email to with subject line CSF Exhibit. Please attach jpegs of work to be submitted with your application. jpegs must be 6” in either direction at 300 dpi. Include artist’s last name and title of work in the file name.

Applications will be reviewed by the jury to assess the quality and appropriateness of the artist’s work and ability to work within the parameters and criteria for this exhibit. It is expected that artists will research this topic and use the information to help with their process in creating artwork that is relevant to this exhibit.

Artwork: Two-and three-dimensional work will be accepted. No video. Use discretion in the presentation of works that contain nudity, or touch on racial, ethnic, political or religious issues, as the gallery is in a government building. All work must be exhibition-ready to install with the appropriate hardware. No saw tooth hangers or clips or dark-colored mats. Work that does not adhere to the guidelines will not be exhibited.

Entry Fee: An entry fee of $35 may be made payable to ALRI by check and mailed to Art League Rhode Island, One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI 02903 or with PayPal.

Size limit: Maximum size up to 48″ wide x 72″ high including frame. Artists may have multiple pieces (diptych, triptych etc.) to make up one work. 3D work will be moved on a regular basis for events. We ask that the overall footprint of 3D work be 10″ x 10″ x 16″ (L x W x H) or less, with a weight limit of 50 pounds.

Sales & Commissions: Work in this exhibit may be for sale or listed as Not for Sale (NFS); NO Price on Request (POR). Prices provided by the artist should reflect the 30% commission taken by ALRI on all artwork sold.

Liability, Legal Agreement & Participant’s Waiver: Submission of work automatically waives any claim for damage or loss against ALRI, Alpert Medical School of Brown University, the Department of Neurosurgery at Rhode Island Hospital, Atrium Gallery including the officers, members, and employees. All reasonable care will be exercised in handling all artwork, however ALRI will not assume any liability for loss or damage while on exhibit. Work should be independently insured by the artist.

Questions: E-mail or call (401) 861-0500.


Karen Rand Anderson

CSF-17 6

CSF-17 5

CSF-17 4

CSF-17 Colleen Fitgerald

Colleen Fitzgerald

CSF-17 Edward Krent

Edward Krent

2018 Elected Artists

2018 New ALRI Elected Artists

2018 New Elected Artists

Thank you to all who submitted their applications for ALRI Elected Artist Membership.

We would like to welcome our new 2018 Elected Artists! Please click on a name below to learn about these artists and their work.

Linda Behar
Cate Chason
Ruth Clegg
Cynthia DiDonato
Deb Ehrens
Natalie Featherston
Ed Ferszt
Keith Prue
Julia Samuels
Mi Ok Song Bruining
Al Weems

Juror Statements

When appreciating others art, I look for consistency of vision, respect for the “craft” of the medium and a sense of the soul of each artist.
Elizabeth A. Goddard, ALRI Elected Artist

I look for a unique voice. A strong portfolio. Exploring creative space. I want to be inspired.
Audrey Monahan, ALRI Elected Artist

I look for something in the pieces that interests me, that grabs me, that surprises me; in the subject matter, the design quality, the color, or the technique. Then I look for professional presentation, which I really only notice when it isn’t there. I then want to feel that the pieces comprise a body of work, not individual images.
Mimo Gordon Riley, ALRI Elected Artist

A consistent body of work that communicates a clear vision and voice of the artist, as well as technical proficiency.
Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, ALRI Founder & Elected Artist

I’m inspired by artists who demonstrate a mastery of their medium, reveal a visual intelligence, present a distinct and pervasive voice, and have something to say.
Norah Diedrich, Executive Director of the Newport Art Museum

Send any questions regarding the application process to or call
(401) 861-0500.


© Ruth A B Clegg

Above – Detail of Ruth A B Clegg’s work.

Ruth A B Clegg: 2018 Elected Member

Ruth A B Clegg

Ruth A B Clegg

Early creative explorations led the way to my making imagery on paper. Using a camera as my thinking tool and the photo prints as my guide, I drew, painted, made etchings, linocuts, silk screens and lithographs. Light helped me see my environment and supported the connection of my thoughts to paper.

As an active professional photographer, my continued work with light, film, electronic imagery and video fuel my quest to experience and define my own vision of creativity. Spending time in the print studio, painting or drawing all tickle my soul and open my mind to “what can be”.

Time alone is sacred but time shared with other “creatives” is joyful. I am enthused to be part of this extraordinary arts group and look forward to participating.

© Ruth A B Clegg



Visit his site for more about Ruth and her work:

© Images on this page are copyright Ruth Clegg. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.


Above – Detail of Cate Chason’s work.

Cate Chason : 2018 Elected Member

CChasonCate Chason received a painting degree from UNC Chapel Hill in the early 80s. For the past 20 years she has maintained an acupuncture practice and raised two daughters.

Only in the past few years has she had the time and studio space to once again, begin painting.  

Since the death of her 18-year-old daughter in 2009, she realizes life is short – and there is much art to do. Returning to painting has been a coming home.  


© 2018 Cate Chason



Visit her site for more about Cate and her work:

© Images on this page are copyright Cate Chason. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.


© 2018 Linda Behar

Above – Detail of Linda Behar’s work.

Linda Behar : 2018 Elected Member

Born in Venezuela and established in the United States since 2000, Linda Behar is an artist originally trained as a civil engineer. She received a Master of Fine Arts degree, with an emphasis in printmaking, at Florida Atlantic University.

Behar work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and art centers. She taught in Venezuela as well as at the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University.

Behar is currently working on combining laser cutting with traditional printmaking techniques, specifically woodblock printing. Her research has centered in the representation of women’s bodies and gender identities throughout history, more specifically focused on body language as it relates to gender norms.


© 2018 Linda Behar


Visit her site for more about Linda and her work:

© Images on this page are copyright Linda Behar. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.


© 2018 Natalie Featherston

Above – Detail of Natalie Featherston’s work.

Natalie Featherston : 2018 Elected Member

© 2018 Natalie Featherston

Natalie Featherston (and her studio assistant)

Natalie Featherston is an established contemporary realist painter specializing in trompe l’oeil. She is represented by fine art galleries across the country, and her paintings have won awards from many distinguished art organizations.

The Chicago Sun Times has described her paintings as, “Artful beyond just illusion and trickery, they are truly masterful still lifes made with both craft and wit.

© 2018 Natalie Featherston

© 2018 Natalie Featherston

© 2018 Natalie Featherston

Visit her site for more about Natalie and her work:

© Images on this page are copyright Natalie Featherston. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.


© 2018 Ed Ferszt Habits of the Heart 1

Above – Detail of Ed Ferszt’s work, Habits of the Heart 1.

Ed Ferszt : 2018 Elected Member

Ed Ferszt in the studio

Ed Ferszt in the studio

Ed Ferszt is a contemporary painter using primarily watercolor. His work, featured in one and two person shows along the east coast, is represented in the permanent collections of among others, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Penn Federal Bank, Philadelphia and multiple private collections. He has participated in many curated and juried national and international exhibitions.

He is a graduate of Tyler School of Art of Temple University (BFA), the University of Wisconsin (MA), Parsons School of Design/Bank Street College (MSE.d), and Columbia University, (Ed.D).

He works out of a studio at the Shady lea Mill in North Kingston RI.

© 2018 Ed Ferszt 1-out-of-4-elements-fire-wwww_orig

1 out of 4 elements fire wwww orig

© 2018 Ed Ferszt Habits of the Heart 1

Habits of the Heart 1

Visit his site for more about Ed and his work:

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© 2018 Al Weems

Above – Detail of Al Weem’s work Leather Lace 2416.

Al Weems : 2018 Elected Member

Al WeemsI have been a working Professional Photographer for over 30 years, working in the commercial field and continually pressing the field of fine art.

Everything I photograph begins with an observation of light. I try to use the balance of that light in the composition of my images. It is the measure of that light which brings me the most satisfaction.

I enjoy when people question the content, composition and presentation of my images. Their interest in the process is gratifying and can push me to look at my work in ways I may not normally do.

© 2018 Al Weems


© 2018 Al Weems

Leather Lace 2416

Visit his site for more about Al and his work:

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© 2018 Deb Ehrens, Milkweed

Above – Detail of Deb Ehrens’ work Milkweed 2.

Deb Ehrens : 2018 Elected Member

© 2018 Deb EhrensDeb Ehrens uses her camera to create contemplative and painterly imagery. She learned the basics of black and white photography as an adjunct to her early career as a journalist and, more recently, has studied with Harold Ross, Dan Burkholder, Alison Shaw, Ron Wilson. She has also taken classes at RISD and Maine Media College. An on-going mentorship with painter Deborah Quinn-Munson has been instrumental in developing her artistic eye.

Deb lives in Dartmouth, MA and is a Juried Artist Member of the Cape Cod Art Center, an Exhibiting Member of the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, and an Elected Member of the ALRI.

© 2018 Deb Ehrens

Eucalyptus Dancing


Peony Afterglow

© 2018 Deb Ehrens

Milkweed 2

Visit her site for more about Deb and her work:  #debehrens

© Images on this page are copyright Deb Ehrens. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.


© 2018 Cynthia DiDonato

Above – Detail of Cynthia DiDonato’s work, Jurassic Passage.

Cynthia DiDonato : 2018 Elected Member

Cynthia-DiDonatoCynthia DiDonato studied art at local colleges preparing for a career as an English teacher as well an art teacher. Not until she retired from full time teaching did she immerse herself totally in non- representational painting.

Cynthia enjoys working in watermedia as well as digital painting and mixed media. Presently, she is concentrating on digital painting and photo collage. She is particularly interested in intuitive, experimental techniques. She sees painting, whether conventional or digital, as a personal journey of exploration reflecting interior landscapes of the mind.

She frequently exhibits her work in many shows where she has won a number of awards.




Jurassic Passage


Earth Shatter

Visit her site for more about Cynthia and her work:

© Images on this page are copyright Cynthia DiDonato. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.


Above – Detail of Keith Prue’s work .

Keith Prue : 2018 Elected Member

KPrueKeith Prue was born and raised in the UK and has lived and worked on four continents over the last thirty years, traveling to more than fifty countries. Currently he resides in Rhode Island, USA.

Keith is substantially self-taught. Keith studied for three years with internationally acclaimed master photographer Ernesto Bazan, and for two years with the late Ben Lifson, one of the world’s most prominent photography writers and critics.

Keith has exhibited online and also in group exhibitions in the USA and Mexico. His photographs are held in private collections in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, UK and France.

© 2018 Keith Prue



Visit his site for more about Keith and his work:

© Images on this page are copyright Keith Prue. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.


Wild Hearts

Above – Detail of Mi Ok Song Bruining’s work, Wild Hearts.

Mi Ok Song Bruining : 2018 Elected Member

© 2018 Mi Ok Song Bruining

Self portrait of my two felines, Frida Calico & Marvin Gray & me


I draw light, colors, kindness, passion & poetic imagery, starting with a very fine colored line.

Please check out my art work at:




© 2018 Mi Ok Song Bruining, Father-Time

Father Time

© 2018 Mi Ok Song Bruining, Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts

© 2018 Mi Ok Song Bruining, Home


© Images on this page are copyright Mi Ok Song Bruining. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.

Modern Salon : at Karen Rand Anderson’s Studio

Karen Rand Anderson Modern Salon for ALRI members

Sunday, April 22, 2018, 11AM–1PM
ocation: The Mills at 545 Pawtucket Ave., Pawtucket, RI ~  Studio B202
RSVP below

Karen Rand Anderson’s Studio

This Modern Salon has Karen opening her big, messy studio to ALRI members and their guests for an inspiring studio tour social. You can expect lively discussion about studio practice and problems, questions and concerns, and much more. This studio tour is all about sharing. So, be sure to share your own stories relative to your art and art practice (including successes and struggles) while sipping refreshments, munching snacks and looking at decades of Karen’s work!

Artist statement:

 “Energetic, intuitive mark-making and an emotional, process-driven approach to painting characterize my recent work. Over decades, a close relationship with the natural world and an affinity for landscape have consistently informed my art practice, whether the work is two or three dimensional, figurative or abstract. These recent paintings are energetically rendered studies that reflect my emotional connection to beauty and place. Working in a consciously-unconscious manner and playing with a bold palette, my intention with this work is to visually ignite poetic memory, question, and mystery for the viewer.”

Providence-based artist Karen Rand Anderson graduated with honors from Rhode Island School of Design in 1977 with a BFA in ceramics, and in 2010 received her MFA in mixed-media studio art through the Vermont Studio Center/Johnson State College graduate degree program in Johnson, VT.

Anderson’s deep involvement with visual art has spanned many different mediums, including glass, ceramics, painting, and sculptural work with natural and found materials. Influenced by a connection with the natural world and a personal inquiry into mystery, she continues to explore multiple creative processes. As a painter, Karen’s recent work focuses on an exploration of landscape moving forward into abstraction, informed by intuitive mark-making, layering of color, gestural brushwork, and spontaneity. Her sculptural work utilizes natural materials combined with appropriated objects; large-format drawings often reference her sculptures, both visually and conceptually. Her work has won numerous awards and is shown in solo, invitational and juried shows throughout New England, as well as further afield. She has completed artist residencies at Vermont Studio Center, I-Park Artists Enclave (CT) and in Bulgaria, and was recently awarded a 2018 artist residency in Orquevaux, France.

The mill is located at the triangle intersection of N. Main St. and the beginning of Pawtucket Ave., just over the Providence line. Google map here. Park in the large parking lot. Enter through the door on the loading dock labeled ENTRANCE. There will be signs (and perhaps balloons) to guide you to Karen’s studio on the 2nd floor. If you get lost, Karen’s cell # is 860-334-9184.

This salon will be limited to 12 guests, so let us know if you plan to attend. Please RSVP to

See more about Karen’s art at
Instagram: @karenrandart  •  Facebook:



Karen Rand Anderson’s Studio