Elected Artist Application Definitions


Our jurors will be looking for work that is original since originality is a basic feature of art. The originality in art includes the newness of the artwork’s presentation and style, the newness of artwork materials, art techniques, theme, intent and more.

Art originality refers to the newness of creation of an artwork, and the artist has to be the first author of the artwork.

Body of Work

Our Jurors will be looking for a unified body of work . A unified body of work might explore one approach, concept, idea, topic, subject matter, theme, or philosophy that demonstrates conceptual strength and generates multi-layered meanings. A unified body of work might show evidence of investigating a concept in depth with a clearly articulated set of parameters and from different perspectives that allows for a nuanced composition, more subtlety and compelling communication.

The following can be considered examples of what might be considered a few characteristics of a “Body of Work

  1. A developed concept, topic or theme.
  2. Researched ideas that demonstrate knowledge evidenced in the work one makes. How one talks and writes about her or his work.
  3. Evidence of self-evaluation or reflection that encourages a deeper investigation, possible new directions and refined work.
  4. An exploration of other artists whose practices are similar (for example; how other artists have responded to similar ideas in the past and/or what materials they use).

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